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Administrative Staff

The Graduate School administration is committed to scholarship and student success.

Dana A. Williams

Dean; 202-806-4676; Annex III, Room 200


Constance M. Ellison

Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Studies; 202-806-7636; Annex III, Room 108

Linda Jones

Assistant Dean for Administration & Finance; 202-806-4676; Annex III, Room 200

Shalisa Smith

Administrative Assistant; 202-806-7887; Annex III, Room 200

Glenn Griffin

IT Specialist; 202-806-4676; Annex III, Room 200

Jacqueline Simms

Project Coordinator; 202-806-6663; Annex III, Room 313

Gloria F. Lloyd 

Coordinator of Financial Support and Grants Management; 202-806-4676; Annex III, Room 200





Kamla Deonauth

  • Program Director, Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate Program (AGEP)
  • Coordinator of Graduate Certificate Programs; 202-806-5936; Annex III, Room 304



Sylvia M. McDonald-Kaufman 

Assistant Dean for Graduate Assessment and Evaluation; 202-806-7277; Annex III, Room 310