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Graduate Courses

A comprehensive list of courses for the Anatomy program.

201-173 Neurobiology. 5 crs. A basic study of the circuitry and functions of the central nervous system including neuroanatomy and head-and-neck anatomy. (Spring semester) Heinbockel

201-189 Research. 1-12 crs. Research training in neurobiology, paleobiology, cell biology, developmental biology, and gross anatomy. (Both semesters) Faculty

201-195 Vertebrate Neuroanatomy. 2 or 3 crs. An introduction to basic concepts and methods employed in neuroanatomy. (Both semesters) Faculty

201-197 Introduction to Anatomical Research I. 2 crs. An introduction to scientific research emphasizing research projects currently being carried out within the Anatomy Department. (Fall semester) Heinbockel

201-198 Introduction to Anatomical Research II. 2 crs. A continuation of 201-197. (Spring semester) Heinbockel

201-200 Thesis Writing. 1-12 crs. (Both semesters) Faculty

201-202 Histology and Cell Biology. 5 crs. A study of the microscopic structure, ultrastructure and cell biology of tissues and organs of the body. (Fall semester) Heinbockel

201-203 Topics in Developmental Biology. 2 crs. Emphasizes morphological and biochemical interactions in developing organisms. (Fall semester) Heinbockel

201-204 Human Evolution. 3 crs. A study of fossil records, ecological influences, and biochemical and genetic factors related to evolution. (Spring semester) Faculty

201-205 Topics in Evolutionary Biology. 1 to 3 crs. Covers various topics of current interest in evolutionary biology, including theoretical developments, research methodology, field techniques, and a survey of the current literature. May be repeated for credit. (Both semesters) Domning

201-206 Human Gross Anatomy and Embryology (Lectures). 4 crs. Study of the gross anatomy and developmental anatomy of the human body. (Fall semester) Rahmat

201-207 Human Gross Anatomy. (Laboratory). 4 crs. Lab study of the gross anatomy and developmental anatomy of the human body. (Fall semester) Rahmat

201-208 Topics in Anatomical Research. 1 cr. A series of guest lecturers present their recent research findings. (Both semesters) Faculty

201-209 Comparative Primate Anatomy. 3 crs. Dissection of primate cadavers with emphasis on variations from human gross anatomy. (Spring semester) Faculty

201-212 Topics in Cell Biology. 2 crs. Various topics relating to recent findings in modern cell biology. (Fall semester) Faculty

201-213 Advanced Anatomy. 4 crs. Advanced study of the gross anatomy and developmental anatomy of the human body. (Spring semester) Faculty

201-300 Dissertation Writing. 1-12 crs. (Both semesters) Faculty