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Application Deadlines

The Graduate School will accept new student applications for Fall and Spring admissions beginning October 1st. We invite early applications from prospective Fall semester entrants from October 1 - December 15.    The early applications will receive prioritized evaluations with notifications by January 30

The deadline date for receipt of applications for the fall semester is January 15th, except for the Clinical Psychology program (Department of psychology)  which is December 1st and Counseling Psychology (School of Education) doctoral program deadline which is January 1st.

**Some graduate programs only admit in the fall semester. Please review the Graduate Programs to see the department website for additional information.


Application Start Terms for New Entrants by Department


Programs Degrees Offered Program Entry Term   
African Studies & Research M.A. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Anatomy M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Atmospheric Sciences M.S. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Biology M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Chemical Engineering M.S.  Fall/Spring
Chemistry M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Civil & Environmental Engineering M.Eng. Fall/Spring December 1st
Comm. Sciences & Disorders M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Comm., Culture & Media Studies Ph.D. Fall only  
Economics M.A. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Education (Psycoeducational Studies) Ph.D. Fall only  
Counseling Psychology Ph.D. Fall only January 1st
Electrical & Computer Engineering M.Eng. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
English M.A. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Genetics & Human Genetics M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
History M.A. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Mathematics M.S. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Mechanical Engineering M.Eng. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Microbiology Ph.D. Fall only  
Nutritional Sciences M.S. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Pharmaceutical Sciences Ph.D. Fall only  
Pharmacology M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Physics & Astronomy M.S. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Physiology & Biophysics Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Political Science M.A. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Psychology M.S. / Ph.D. Fall only  
Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Fall only December 1st
Social Work Ph.D. Fall only  
Sociology & Anthropology M.A. / Ph.D. Fall/Spring
Systems & Computer Science MCS/Ph.D Fall/Spring