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Admission FAQs

Admission FAQs


The program does not specify a minimum GRE score. GRE scores are considered along with GPA and other credentials.

Do you hold an open house?
Do you hold an open house? Yes, the department hold an open in late fall and early spring. Contact (Admissions Director) or (Graduate Program Director) to get on our mailing list for notification of the open house.

Is it possible to be a part-time student?
Yes. Part-time study is possible in both the Master’s and Ph.D. programs.

How many applications do you receive and what is your acceptance rate?
The number and quality of applications varies by year. The acceptance rate is approximately 25%. The master’s program limits enrollment to approximately 20 students per class.  

When will I be notified of the admission decision?
Your application file cannot be reviewed until all credentials have been received in the both the online Howard University graduate application system and CDCAS. Be sure to request original transcripts from all institutions attended and take the GRE early. You should check periodically to verify that credentials are received. Applications are typically reviewed once a month after the file is complete. To ensure a timely response, apply and submit all credentials early. Once a decision is made, you will receive immediate notification by e-mail and an official notification by mail.

What if I did not major in speech-language pathology?
Non-majors can apply to be admitted to the 3-year master’s program.  Undergraduate prerequisites are taken during the first year of study.  

What are the prerequisites for non-majors? How do I know which prerequisites to take?
For non- majors, a minimum of ten prerequisite courses in speech-language pathology are taken during the first year. There are four additional prerequisites beyond the speech-language pathology courses that are required for certification. These include Statistics, Biological Science, Physical Science, and Behavioral/Social Science.  Check the undergraduate prerequisite courses to ascertain that your courses match our requirements.

Can I take prerequisites at another institution?
Yes. Applicants may take undergraduate prerequisites at any other accredited program prior to enrollment, but before you enroll at a different institution, check to ascertain that the courses match our requirements.  
What if I’ve taken some of the prerequisites?
Once enrolled, your transcripts will be reviewed in order to match your courses with our requirements. You must complete all prerequisites in order to graduate.

I want to transfer to Howard.  What courses will you accept? What about clinical hours?
Students may transfer 6 credits of graduate courses from another institution. Once enrolled, your transcript will be reviewed to determine the courses. We will also review your clinical hours to determine their acceptability.

Do you admit applicants for the spring semester?
Admission to the master’s program is for fall semester only. Students may be admitted to the PhD program in either fall or spring semester.

Can I apply to the PhD program without a master’s degree in speech-language pathology?
No. Only individuals with the master’s degree in speech-language pathology should apply. Individuals with the AuD or master’s in audiology or different fields should not apply.

What is the process for applying for financial aid in the department?
Within the department, a limited number of graduate assistantships and grants are available on a competitive basis. Financial aid is not offered with admission. Qualified students are contacted by the department. Students are encouraged to apply to other sources of financial assistance in the Graduate School, university and the wider community.

When can I register for courses?
Once you have confirmed your enrollment, you will be contacted by the department with further information. A general advisement and registration are conducted on the day of orientation. Students are strongly discouraged from registering prior to receiving advisement.

When will I be assigned an advisor?
Once you are enrolled and the semester has begun, you will receive an advisor.

Is orientation mandatory?
Absolutely. You will receive crucial information for your matriculation in addition to registration. Plan to be available for a full week of orientation sessions.

Why is the transcript necessary for orientation?
Before determining your curriculum, the department must verify that you have the prerequisites. In addition, the final transcript showing the conferring of your degree must be on file in the Graduate School.

Check the Graduate School and CSCAS websites for the admissions deadlines. These deadlines are for submission of the online application.