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Kmt G. Shockley

Kmt Shockley

Professor | Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Dr. Kmt G. Shockley is a professor at Howard University in the School of Education, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies.  Dr. Shockley has authored numerous articles and two books on the broad topic of African American education.  Dr. Shockley’s most recent book is entitled, The Miseducation of Black Children, it’s published by African American Images (Chicago, IL).  He has published works in journals such as The Journal of Negro Education, the Journal of Black Studies, the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, and the International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, to name a few.    In addition to his work as a professor and researcher, he served as founding board member for a charter school in Washington, DC.  Dr. Shockley holds a PhD in Organizational Leadership & Policy Studies from the University of Maryland at College Park.


Dr. Shockley’s present research includes funding to study maroon villages.  Those studies are an attempt to understand how maroon cosmology can have an impact on people of African descent in this society, and particularly on Black children.  His most recent study was in Colombia (South America) where he studied the maroons in Palenque San Basilio.  Dr. Shockley has also recently been lead researcher and consultant at a burgeoning culturally centered school in St. Louis, MO. He has also received funding to study the work of Black educators and leaders in Oklahoma City, OK.  Dr. Shockley also recently served as the lead professional developer in the Washington, DC Schools for the Empowering Males of Color series.  Recently, Dr. Shockley has consulted in the Blackville, South Carolina School District, Chicago Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, Cincinnati Public Schools, Baltimore County Schools and Baltimore City Schools.  Dr. Shockley was also recently appointed as a research associate with “CAARP” – the Center for African American Research & Policy.  He routinely conducts workshops across the country focusing on issues related to African American children, urban education, and educational leadership.  Dr. Shockley is a board member for the Journal of Negro Education (JNE) and he is currently co-editor of a JNE special issue that is focused on campus uprisings in the information age.


In addition to his scholarly and consulting pursuits, Dr. Shockley has been a mentor to many inner city youth.  His background as a college football player, college student leader, and community activist have helped him relate to the pursuits of urban youth.  He is an official “Living Legend” for his work as a community activist in Cincinnati, OH.  At the same time, Dr. Shockley teaches classical piano to a completely different demographic of youth and adults.  Recently Dr. Shockley played a major piano concerto with the Montgomery Symphony Orchestra (Maryland).  In January 2018, Dr. Shockley will play a major classical piano work at Johns Hopkins University (Maryland).


Dr. Shockley has appeared on numerous televisions outlets, and he has appeared on various radio stations; Dr. Shockley he has traveled to Africa, China and throughout North and South America for his humanistic and commonsensical approach to true education and personal transformation.  In December 2018, Dr. Shockley will lead a group of scholars and students on a tour in Ghana, West Africa. 202-806-7060 United States