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Content Types: Core Content

Content Types

  • Basic Page: The standard web page with the following fields:
    • Title: The name of the web page.
    • Hero Image / Hero Image Lead In: Image and text at the top of the screen.
    • Lead In Text: Introductory statement (1-2 sentences)
    • Body: The main section, including headlines and images.
    • Widgets: Elements to add below the Body.
      • Accordion: Frequently Asked Questions
      • Basic Text: 1 or 2 columns
      • Spotlight: A quote from a Spotlight
      • Statistics: 3 columns to promote statistics
      • Table: Rows and columns for Table data (use sparingly)
      • Tabs: Layered content.
      • Video: A “shared” link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.
  • Homepage
    • Title and Subtitle: The text that appears at the top of the homepage.
    • Hero Image: Background image.
    • Hero Links: Call to Action Buttons
      • Link to local or external web pages.
    • Featured Programs: The three programs that appear on the homepage.
    • Featured Video: A “shared” link to a YouTube or Vimeo video.
    • Testimonials: A quote from a Spotlight
    • Events / News: Feeds from and
  • Program: A customizable content type that links to
    • General
      • Hero Image: Background image.
      • Featured Image: The image on the homepage.
      • Program Summary: Description on the homepage.
    • Program Details: Related information that users can filter.
      • School
      • Degree(s)
      • Subject(s)
  • Deadline: Due dates that appear on the homepage and on related programs.
    • Title: The name of the deadline.
    • Hero Image: Background image.
    • Deadline Date: Expiration Date
    • Body
    • Related Programs
  • Webform: Contact Page (Already Created)


Content Types: Student Resources

  • Internal Funding: Opportunities, including fellowships and scholarships.
    • Title / Deadline Date
    • Funding Type
    • Related Degree(s)
    • Related Programs
  • Resource: Document Library
    • Title / Body
    • Resource Category / Audience
    • Resource Document (PDF, .doc, etc.)


Content Types: Profiles

  • Speakers: Profiles for Members of Howard University’s Speakers Bureau
  • Spotlight: Showcase faculty, staff, students, alumni and research programs.
    • Title
    • Spotlight Image
    • Spotlight Quote / Attribution
    • Related Programs
    • Details: Body and Widgets for Additional Content