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Sample Funding Spreadsheet and Checklist

Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the ones that you have reviewed and save all the fellowships with potential that could be used immediately and for later when you advance to another academic stage.

Sample Spreadsheet

Remember your fellowship search process will continue throughout your tenure as a graduate student. It is recommended that you place the fellowship information in the appropriate worksheet (e.g., Dissertation Research). That is, you may find a fellowship that falls under the category of Dissertation Completion while searching for Predissertation fellowships.  

The time will come when you wish you had saved the information. Do the work now and reduce the number of headaches later. 

Sample Checklist

There are three reasons to keep a list of all due items and to monitor your progress.  One, you don’t want to inadvertently omit an item; two, you want to work smart because your time is precious; and three, you don’t want to miss a deadline because you didn’t monitor your progress and ran out of time and ended up submitting a shoddy proposal.

The good news is each grant source will provide the instructions for their application, in most cases it is referred to as the RFA (Request for application).  Take the time to read through and create a list of all the items that are due. Your list should include obvious items such as your CV; leave nothing to chance.   Review the sample checklist provided by Cornell University—I believe to be for NSF—but be prepared to create your own checklist for each of the fellowships you plan to apply to. 

Strategic Plan Template