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Gary L. Harris

The Speakers Bureau of Howard University (SBHU) is designed to provide an opportunity for faculty to share their current expertise, while bringing to the forefront their pioneering research in a number of disciplines.

Gary L. Harris

Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies
Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Director of the Howard Nanoscale Science and Engineering Facility

Dr. Harris’ research interests have focused mainly on the growth and characterization of electronic and optical materials, the fabrication of semiconductor devices with special attention given to wide bandgap and compound semiconductor materials, and applications of nanotechnology. These materials include GaAs, SiC, and other III-V and IV-IV compounds. During the last seven years, Dr. Harris has focused on the growth and characterization of SiC and has designed and fabricated some novel devices and sensors in SiC (SiC inverters, photoconductors, FET’s, QCM, etc.) and growth and characterization BN, B4C, GaN, GaInN, InN, etc. nanowires and tubes for photonic, high-speed, and mechanical applications. In Recent years, his research has expanded to include: Applications of Nanotechnology, Bio-Sensors, Electrical Nano-Bio Interface, Optical Nanosensors, Applications Self-Organized Nanotechniques, Paper MEMs, and Ultra Mechanical Coats/Material. 

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