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The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity is designed to provide a concentrated and in-depth exposure to critical connected systems and infrastructure security concerns to enhance professional capability of graduate students. Individuals holding a baccalaureate degree in Computer Science or a related field would be suitable candidates for this program..

Program Type 

Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity 

Program Length 

15 Credit Hours



Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important area of study within the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering. Given the increased demands for national security. The curriculum of this Certificate Program has an interdisciplinary focus, comprising of courses from both the Departments of Engineering and Computer Science

Non-HU students enrolled in the Certificate Program can transfer a maximum of 6 credits towards a Masters  or Doctoral degree program in computer science. The Certificate program requires 15 credits, including a year-long course in Cybersecurity, two additional technical courses, and a capstone project course. 

Enrollment Semester

  • Fall, Spring, [Summer]

Program Offered

  • Face-to-Face 

Certificate in Cybersecurity Studies Program List of Accepted Courses


If you have a course not offered on this list that you would like to take you MUST get written approval from Dr. Danda B. Rawat.


Cybersecurity Data


Admission Requirements 

  • Students Already Enrolled
    • Good academic standing 
    • A minimum of 6 eligible credits (as determined by the
      Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) 
  • Students Not Already Enrolled 
    • Satisfactory completion of regular degree requirements 
  • Requirement Exceptions 
    • No Graduate Record Examination 
    • Other specific requirements of the Department 

Degree Requirements 

  • Demonstration of the same level of achievement as degree seeking students. 
  • Maintenance of at least a B grade in each course. 


Students not enrolled in a degree program in the Graduate School but enrolled in the Graduate Certificate program pay the per credit hour rate for the academic year. The tuition rate per credit hour for AY 22-23 is $1,930. For information about tuition rates, please visit the Cost of Attendance website.

There are no scholarships awarded for the tuition of a non-degree Graduate Certificate. Additionally, Title IV federal financial aid is not available for Graduate Certificate programs unless otherwise formally noted in writing.

For students currently enrolled full-time in a Graduate School degree program, a certificate program fee is charged in lieu of the per credit hour rate.

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