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Nutritional Sciences

Our graduates work as college and university faculty, federal, state, local nutritionists/dietitians/researchers, media professionals, and with private corporations, or private consultants.


In keeping with the mission of Howard University, the Department of Nutritional Sciences is committed to preparing caring and competent dietitians and nutritionists from disadvantaged and diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who translate the science of nutrition to individuals and communities to positively affect their health behaviors and reduce health disparities.


With increasing recognition of the association between diet and disease and the importance of diet in health promotion, nutritionists and dietitians are needed to participate in research, to educate the public on ways to promote health through diet, and to educate individuals suffering from chronic diseases on ways to incorporate dietary modifications into their lifestyles.  Additionally, a degree in nutrition or dietetics can be used as a foundation to prepare for graduate school as well as entry into professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or other advanced degrees in business and education.

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers undergraduate (Bachelor of Science) and graduate (Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy) degrees in Nutritional Sciences. The Bachelor of Science degree is offered with emphases in Dietetics (Coordinated Program), Community Nutrition and/or Pre-medicine/Pre-dentistry. The curriculum allows students to complete the general education and basic science courses in the first two years. During the last two years, students, along with their advisers, select courses, which prepare them to become dietitians or nutritionist. Many students use this foundation at the Bachelor's level to prepare for further graduate / professional study in nutrition, medicine and dentistry. Many of our graduates are employed as health care providers, researchers, educators, policy makers and administrators locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Department also offers a three-semester verification program for individuals to complete the practicum requirement for dietetics registration. More than three semesters may be needed to complete the verification program if the student needs to take additional courses.


  • November 15 - early action (undergraduate) for the Fall semester
  • April 1 for the Fall semester
  • November 1 for the Spring semester
  • April 1 for the Summer sessions

Program Faculty

Oluwakemi Adeola profile photo

Oluwakemi Adeola

Clinical Assistant Professor

Nutritional Science


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Katherine Manuel profile photo

Katherine Manuel

Director, Coordinated Program in Dietetics

Nutritional Science


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Felicia Thompson profile photo

Felicia Thompson

Administrative Coordinator

Nursing Allied Health Sciences


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