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Greg Carr

The Speakers Bureau of Howard University (SBHU) is designed to provide an opportunity for faculty to share their current expertise, while bringing to the forefront their pioneering research in a number of disciplines.

Greg Carr

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Afro-American Studies

Professor Carr received his Ph.D. from Temple University. His academic specialties are in Africana Studies normative theory, Africana intellectual history, classical African history and African-American nationalism. His research interest includes pan-African historiography. Select publications include: Towards an Intellectual History of Africana Studies: Genealogy and Normative Theory (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2007), and You Don‘t Call the Kittens Biscuits: Disciplinary Africana Studies and The Study of Malcolm X (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2007). As the School District of Philadelphia‘s First Resident Scholar on Race and Culture (1999-2000), Dr. Carr edited and wrote the majority of lesson chapters as well as led a team of academics and educational policymakers in the design of the curriculum framework for the African-American History course now required for public high school students in Philadelphia. Dr. Carr has represented Howard University as a spokesman in a wide range of print and electronic media, including The New York Times, Le MondeUSA Today, MSNBC, National Public Radio, WHUR, WHUT, and CNN, as well as a range of local radio, television, and internet media outlets.

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