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The Graduate School’s tradition of academic and research excellence is well established in the annals of graduate education both nationally and internationally.

This tradition is inextricably bound to the level and breadth of faculty and student accomplishments, as well as alumni contributions.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Establishing the Entrepreneurship Institute that encourages entrepreneurships among faculty, students, staff and the broader community
  • Re-engineering of certificate programs such that there is a renewed emphasis on certificate programs to augment and develop the professional experiences of students and others in women studies, international studies, computer security, and college and university faculty preparation
  • Providing opportunities for exchange between graduate students and partner institutions through our Preparing Future Faculty Program and CIRTL network
  • Providing outreach programs through community forums on substance abuse, gun violence, and mental health
  • Hosting MIT and Harvard on campus to expose students to the groundbreaking scientific work of the Howard/MIT/Harvard network
  • Hosting special career institutes where students and faculty learn about laboratory research opportunities with federal agencies
  • Providing support and leadership for the second annual research week where nearly 500 faculty, students, postdocs, and others engaged in oral and poster presentations
  • Continuing the hosting of an online research magazine where topics relative to the health and viability of the African-American community are explored (see
  • Providing an avenue through the Speakers Bureau for national collaborations to further expose faculty research to our constituents around the nation and world (see
  • Sponsoring an official ribbon-cutting ceremony officially opening the new $70 million Howard University Interdisciplinary Research Building.

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Key Centers / Institutes of Research at Howard University

Several institutes and learning centers comprise a growing mix of programs and outreach focal points for research and learning, including:


TEDx at Howard University


Additional Research Resources