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Professional Development Opportunities

Howard University CIRTL program is built on an extensive professional development program built on three guiding pillars.
  1. Teaching as Research (TAR): Howard University CIRTL program will provide the tools to enhance classroom instructional capacity by harnessing research skills to improve student outcomes and instructional delivery.
  2. Learning through Diversity: Howard University CIRTL will help future faculty the ability to bring diversity of experiences into the learning environment and build capacity to how to use this richness within the classroom to enhance learning.
  3. Creating a Learning Community: Howard University CIRTL program will assist future faculty to create opportunities for shared learning and discovery while becoming part of their own teaching and learning community.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • Access to a network of research universities developing the next generation of faculty.
  • A well-established system of professional development opportunities.
  • Access to tools, resources and expertise of an expansive CIRTL program network member institutions.
  • Collaboration with mentors within your discipline. Access to interactive resources.


Program Benefits

  • Increase graduate recruiting and Ph.D. placement
  • Expand teaching and learning outcomes
  • Improve undergraduate education
  • Build a thriving learning community
  • Develop a teaching portfolio Inquiry-based E-learning and teaching
  • Design a course curriculum
  • Learn how to monitor and investigate the effectiveness of the learning environment

Career Development Opportunities and Awards

  • Training Grants
  • NSF Graduate Fellowships
  • Conference Grants