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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure a Speaker for my event?

Please contact Dr. Gwendolyn S. Bethea,, if you wish to contact SBHU speakers for speaking engagements.

Determine your budget, which should be worked out directly with the speaker.

Select an appropriate contract among our contract samples on the home page and adapt it according to your specifications

Secure signatures from the speaker and the agency/organization representative based upon the agreed upon details.

Ensure that deadlines are clearly understood and are adhered to well in advance of the agreed upon engagement with sufficient turnaround time in case of unscheduled emergencies or occurrences.

What are the fees?

The contract fees or expenses are based solely on the terms as specified by the speaker and the client for speaking at an event.  Howard University seeks always to live up to its mission that includes teaching, research and service; therefore, faculty members will normally place service to their constituents above any remunerative value. There is no commission for the event scheduling.

Who can help me with the logistics and getting the speaker to my event?

All logistics, flight reservations, airline tickets, and local transportation are handled strictly between the client and speaker.

Are there any press considerations?

Speakers will normally follow the client’s wishes regarding press attendance at an event. This should be handled before the scheduled event, with a time for press briefing either before but generally after the event.  Such an event should be discussed at the time of the initial agreement.

The speakers are speaking solely for themselves and not on behalf of Howard University.

What if there is a cancellation?

Cancellation shall be handled solely between the speaker and the client.

General Information for Speakers