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Speaker Profiles

The Speakers Bureau of Howard University (SBHU) is designed to provide an opportunity for faculty to share their current expertise, while bringing to the forefront their pioneering research in a number of disciplines.
Ana Lucia Araujo

Ana Lucia Araujo

Department of History

Tricia Bent-Goodley

Professor & Director
School of Social Work

Vernon Bond

​Professor HHPLS (Graduate Faculty)
College of Arts & Sciences

W. Malcolm Byrnes

Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Greg Carr

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Afro-American Studies College of Arts & Sciences

Mbye B. Cham

Professor and Chair (Graduate Faculty)
Department of African Studies College of Arts & Sciences

Sandra Edmonds

Dean, Professor, Director of the Howard University Multidisciplinary Gerontology Center
School of Social Work

Gwen Everett

Associate Dean
Department of Arts, Fine Arts Division College of Arts & Sciences

Ruby M. Gourdine

Professor (Graduate Faculty)
School of Social Work

John A.W. Harkless

Asssociate Professor
Department of Chemistry College of Arts and Sciences