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Doctoral-level students as well as postdoctoral fellows are eligible to participate in the PFF program.

Yes. The Graduate Certificate Program enables graduate students to obtain a Howard University Board-Approved certificate in College and University Faculty Preparation by obtaining 12 hours of credited coursework (for additional information on the certificate, please see the section of the website entitled Certificate Program). In contrast, the PFF program is NOT a certificate program.

No, PFF participants are not required to obtain the Graduate Certificate in College and University Faculty Preparation, but some do choose to go on and complete the certificate program.

No. But plenty of free pizza. :-)

The HU-PFF program requires a two-year commitment. During the first year, PFF participants must enroll in the 3 credit PFF Faculty Roles and Responsibilities course offered during the fall semester. In addition, you must attend ALL PFF seminars per semester, unless otherwise excused. These seminars average about 1 and 1/2 hours each. You must also attend at least one partner campus visits per year. This is an all day and sometimes overnight visit.

Only if there is documented assessment of the teaching. This, of course, must be approved by the PFF advisory board.

First, you must be in candidacy (passed all compehensive exams and defended dissertation proposal) and have successfully completed the PFF program. Then, a faculty member should write a recommendation, indicating that he/she feels you are prepared for and should be considered for a pre-faculty internship.

Generally yes. In some cases the mentor may be in another university or another department. The main requirements are that the mentor should be in the applicant's discipline and that they be engaged in college/university teaching.

No. We want you to be socialized into the overall PFF community; the class is one way of doing that.