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The PFF program is a two-year commitment. Active members are expected to:

  • Attend all PFF general body meetings.
  • Complete the “Faculty Roles and Responsibilities” course during their first year in the program.
    • Note: This course is generally offered during the fall semester of each academic year. Please check BisonWeb for the exact time and location of the course.
    • You may register through BisonWeb (CRN 86908).
  • Attend the two day TA workshop during the fall semester.
  • Participate in one site visit to a partner institution per year
  • Attend two PFF-sponsored career preparation seminars/workshops per semester
    • Note: PFF is sometimes willing to accept other programs' faculty preparation activities as credit for this requirement. Please seek verification for credit prior to attending any outside workshops.
  • Create a teaching/academic portfolio with the guidance of the PFF program and their faculty mentor.
  • Complete an evaluated teaching experience.

Note: Teaching experiences can include, but are not limited to, on/off-campus guest lecturing, teaching assistantship, and lab instruction or demonstration.