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Resources for Teaching and Learning

Communications Resources

  • Keeping Students Informed of Their Progress  Strategies and suggestions for providing continuous and prompt communication to students.
  • Grading Class Participation  Why I expect students to participate, how I want them to participate, how to communicate those expectations to them, and, finally, how to grade it.
  • University of Virgina - Teaching Tips Newsletter  Many of the articles in the TRC's newsletter, Teaching Concerns, provide tips on ways to improve teaching. The different tips are grouped by catagory and cross-listed where appropriate. We hope that you find the following list, which also includes teaching tips not previously published in Teaching Concerns, useful in your teaching endeavors

Learning Styles/Teaching Styles

Instructional Technology and Computers

  • Teaching with Electronic Technology
    Web sites assembled by Michael L. Hall at the University of Maryland , College Park . 
  • Faculty Innovation Center
    An overview of services available on the Austin campus of the University of Texas. Includes links to several  courseware packages, including Blackboard and WebCT.

Subject-Specific Resources for Teaching and Learning

General Resources for Teaching and Learning