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The Office of the Registrar will forward all necessary information to admitted students in sufficient time for them to prepare for the registration process. At the time of registration, the student will be given by his/her advisor the requirements of his or her program and a copy of the rules and regulations of the Graduate School.

All students must register for classes during the registration period announced in the University Calendar. Only under special and exceptional circumstances will a student be permitted to register after the official registration period has ended. Students who fail to register for any reason will not be permitted to attend classes, and their names will not appear on Official Class Lists or grade sheets.

No student is allowed to register for classes who has not returned his/her completed enrollment forms. New students and old students returning must also submit medical forms to the University Health Service. Failure to submit the forms by the requested date may result in the students' having to register in person during the period officially designated for late registration fee. The registration process is not officially completed until fees are paid and the student's program has been left with the Registrar.

Effective August 1, 1978, all new students entering the Graduate School shall be required to take the Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examination during the first semester of the student's attendance at Howard University.

The Examination shall be made available without cost to the student by the Graduate School for the purpose of obtaining objective data relative to the academic abilities of entering graduate students at Howard University over the three-year period 1978-79, 1979-80, 1980-81.

Section 1.  Permanent Record

The permanent (official) record is maintained in the Office of the Registrar and contains all the important facts Pertaining to the student's academic level, courses taken, scholarship and degrees.

All grades earned and recorded on the permanent record must remain and be computed in the student's average even if a course has been repeated.
Copies of the permanent record are referred to as "transcript of records."

Section 2. Approval for New or Additional Courses

Students may not receive graduate degree credit for courses which are not duly authorized for this purpose. The Graduate School should be routinely informed of new courses offered in the development of the program prior to their implementation. Such courses must be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee of the Graduate School.

Additions to or deletions from the existing curriculum must be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School for approval at least three months prior to the implementation

Section 3. Student Load

Although nine (9) hours is considered as a full-time schedule, a load of twelve (12) semester hours is normal for graduate students. The maximum load for a graduate student is fifteen (15) semester hours. Programs in excess of twelve (12) hours require departmental and Graduate Studies Committee approval. Work for which there is no credit allowance is not included as part of the normal student load.

Permission to carry a semester load in excess of fifteen (15) hours requires a written request by the student and approval of the head of the department and the Dean of the Graduate School. When violations of this regulation are detected, the student will be required to drop registered hours in excess of the maximum allowed.

Section 4. Graduate Study and University Employees

Regular full-time members of the faculty or staff of Howard University are entitled to remission of tuition for two (2) courses per semester, not to exceed 8 credit hours offered in the School of Education, the School of Business, the School of Communications, the College of Liberal Arts, the School of Engineering, the School of Architecture and Planning, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, the College of Fine Arts (excluding Voice and Instrument), the School of Human Ecology, the School of Nursing, the College of Allied Health Sciences, the Graduate School, and the University Without Walls. Regular employees (who serve the University, including the University Hospital), in a budgeted position, on a half-time basis are entitled to remission of tuition for one (1) course per semester not to exceed 4 credit hours, in the instructional divisions cited above.

Section 5. Graduate Student Service Appointments

Graduate students holding service appointments, such as assistantships, earn residence credit on the same basis as other graduate students. Depending upon their service obligation, however, the registrations will be limited to a maximum of nine (9) or a minimum of three (3) hours.

Section 6. Graduation and Temporary Interruption of Student's Program

Students whose work is interrupted by failure or absence from residence should not expect to be graduated under the regulations in effect at the time of their matriculation, but rather under those applying at the time of their return.