Directors of Graduate Studies

Our directors of graduate studies are advocates for the academic and professional success of graduate students. They are the first point of contact for prospective and current students seeking information about a program.

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Meet the Directors of Graduate Studies 

Each degree program in the Graduate School has a director of graduate studies (DGS) who coordinates graduate studies for the department. They are primary points of contact for prospective students, current students, and The Graduate School. They provide academic support, ensuring that students are aware of academic expectations and policies. Use the directory below to identify the DGS for your Graduate School degree program.  

Program or Area of Study Degree(s) Offered Director of Graduate Studies Email Address Department Phone
African Studies MA, PhD Dr. Msia Clark 202-238-2328
Anatomy PhD Dr. Sulman Rahmat; Dr. Janine Ziermann; 202-806-6555
Applied Data Science & Analytics MS Dr. Amy Yeboah Quarkume
Atmospheric Sciences MS, PhD Dr. Sonya Smith 202-556-1837
Biomedical & Chemical Engineering PhD Dr. Preethi Chandran 202-806-6289
Biology PhD Dr. Dominique Pritchett 202-806-6935
Chemical Engineering MS Dr. Preethi Chandran 202-806-6624
Chemistry MS, PhD Dr. Sung Kim; Dr. Timothy Ramadhar; 202-806-6900
Civil & Environmental Engineering PhD Dr. Claudia Marin-Artieda 202-806-6570
Communication Sciences and Disorders PhD Dr. Ovetta Harris 202-806-6990
Speech-Language Pathology MS Dr. Ovetta Harris 202-806-6990
Communication, Culture, and Media Studies PhD Dr. Loren Saxton Coleman 202-806-4426
Computer Science MCS, PhD Dr. Danda Rawat 202-806-6585
Economics MA, PhD Dr. Omari Swinton 202-806-6774
Electrical Engineering PhD Dr. Su Yan 202-806-6585
English PhD Dr. Christopher Shinn 202-806-6730
Genetics PhD Dr. Byron Ford 202-806-6381
Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies PhD Dr. Kyndra Middleton 202-806-7342
History MA, PhD Dr. Jean-Michael Mabeko-Tali 202-806-6815
Mathematics PhD Dr. Henok Mawi 202-806-7122
Mechanical Engineering PhD Dr. Gbadebo Owolabi 202-806-6600
Medical Physics MS Dr. Rao Khan 202-806-6245
Microbiology PhD Dr. Karl Thompson 202-250-5125
Nutritional Sciences MS, PhD Dr. Oyonumo Ntekim 202-806-7111
Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD Dr. Earl Ettienne 202-806-7960
Pharmacology PhD Dr. Martha Davila-Garcia 202-806-6311
Physics PhD Dr. Pratibha Dev 202-806-6245
Physiology PhD Dr. Joanne Allard 202-806-6330
Political Science MA, PhD Dr. Robinson Woodward-Burns 202-806-9383
Counseling Psychology PhD Dr. Kyndra Middleton 202-806-7350
Educational Psychology PhD Dr. Kyndra Middleton 202-806-7350
School Psychology PhD Dr. Kyndra Middleton 202-806-7350
Clinical Psychology PhD Dr. Gishawn Mance 202-806-6805
Developmental Psychology PhD Dr. Debra Roberts 202-806-6805
Neuropsychology PhD Dr. Alfonso Campbell Jr. 202-806-6805
Personality Psychology PhD Dr. Jules Harrell 202-806-6805
Social Psychology PhD Dr. Lloyd Sloan 202-806-6805
Public Health MPH Dr. Pamela Carter-Nolan 202-806-4959
Social Work PhD Dr. Soleman Abu-Bader 202-806-7300
Sociology MA, PhD Dr. Marie-Claude Jipguep 202-806-6858
Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies Certificate Dr. Valethia Watkins 202-806-4676
Graduate Certificate in International Studies Certificate Dr. Kamla Deonauth 202-806-4676
Graduate Certificate in Faculty Preparation Certificate Dr. Kamla Deonauth 202-806-4676
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Certificate Dr. Danda Rawat 202-806-4676