Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.) Program Details

Degree Requirements

    ❱   Required coursework
    ❱   Qualifying or comprehensive examination
    ❱   Clinical experiences
    ❱   Graduate School writing proficiency requirement
    ❱   Graduate School Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirement
    ❱   Dissertation  
    ❱   Final oral examination/Dissertation defense

Research Specializations

    ❱   Adult Clinical Track
    ❱   Child Clinical Track

Breadth and Minor Areas 

    ❱   Developmental Psychology
    ❱   Personality Psychology
    ❱   Neuropsychology
    ❱   Social Psychology

Research Areas & Interests 

Faculty Research Interests

 A sampling of research interests

  • Place-related determinants of mental health among adolescents living with perinatal HIV
  • Adherence to antiretroviral treatment among adolescents living with HIV
  • Relationship between racial microaggression and mental health
  • Biopsychosocial sequelae that increase the risk for cardiovascular disease in minority populations
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on family interactions and family resiliency
  • Psychoneuroimmunology influence on health and disease
  • Coping with the psychosocial impact of chronic health conditions through mindfulness-based interventions
  • Social and psychological risk factors in the cognitive decline of rapidly aging populations
  • Role of perception and personality traits in stress response
  • Child and parent perceptions of children's exposure to community violence and traumatic stress
  • Factors affecting the differential rate of acculturation among refugees
  • Examination of teenage mothers’ sleep behaviors impact on infant sleep and infant behavioral health status
  • Assessing key parenting rituals that increase preschooler resilience
  • Effects of stress and racism on the health of African Americans

Program of Study* 


PSYC 210 First Year Seminar: Ethics in Professional Psychology

PSYC 207 Statistics I

PSYC 208 Statistics II

PSYC 206 History & Systems

PSYC 205 General Research Methods

PSYC 280 Clinical Assessment I

PSYC 281 Clinical Assessment II

PSYC 294 Individual Psychotherapy I

PSYC 296 Individual Psychotherapy II

PSYC 291 Family Assessment & Therapy

PSYC 220 Psychopathology

PSYC 233 Neuropsychology

PSYC 288 Neuropsych Assessment

PSYC 315 Case Conceptualization, Consultation & Supervision


Select three breadth courses (9 credits).  One breadth area course should be taken in each of the other Psych tracks.

Select three minor area courses (9 credits). One minor area course should be taken in each of the other Psych tracks.


PSYC 284 Practicum I: Testing Assessment (Year 1)

PSYC 285 Practicum II: Testing Assessment (Year 1)

PSYC 286 Practicum III: Theory Practicum (Year 2)

PSYC 287 Practicum IV: Theory Practicum (Year 2)

PSYC 292 Practicum V: Theory Practicum (Year 3)

PSYC 293 Practicum VI: Theory Practicum (Year 3)

PSYC 390 Externship (Year 4)

PSYC 600 Internship (Year 5)


*Courses included in the sample program of study are subject to change. Students should consult with their programs regarding their required program of study. 

Admission to Candidacy 

Students are admitted to formal candidacy by the Graduate School when they have completed the required coursework and clinical experiences,  passed the qualifying or comprehensive examination, submitted an approved topic for research, and been recommended by the Department. Candidates must also have satisfied the Graduate School writing proficiency requirement and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirement.

Graduate Funding 

Admitted students may be eligible to compete for Graduate School competitive awards, which provide tuition remission and a stipend during the academic year. Additionally, graduate research or teaching assistantships may be available at the department level. Research assistants and teaching assistants work no more than 20 hours a week under the program's direction, usually in support of faculty research (research assistants) or in support of assigned courses (teaching assistants). Please see the Funding website for more detailed information.