Academic Regulations

Table of Contents

I. Admission to the Graduate School

Minimum qualifications, requirements, and categories for admission.

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II. Registration and Enrollment

Permanent records, student load, and leave of absence.

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III. Grades and Course Credit

Letter grades, change of grade, approval and transfer credit.

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IV. Other Requirements for the Degree

English competency, expository writing, and research.

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V. General Requirements for the Master's Degree

Candidacy, course requirements, and academic status.

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VI. General Requirements for Doctor of Philosophy Degree

Admission and course requirements, academic status, and program of study.

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VII. General Requirements for Certificate Programs

Residency, credit and course requirements.

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VIII. Appeal of Academic Decisions

The informal and formal process.

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IX. Financial Aid

Teaching Assistant, Research Assistant, Tuition + Stipend Award (Academic Year)

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X. Graduate Professional Development

Development Plan, Graduate Student Success Series

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XI. Commencement

Diploma, Name on Diploma, Translating the Diploma

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XII. Howard University Credit Hour Assignment Policy

The Credit Hour Assignment Policy

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XIII. Academic Code of Student Conduct

Academic Cheating, Plagiarism, Copy Infringement

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XIV. Administration of the Code

Procedure, Penalties

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XV. Title IX

Prohibited Conduct, Consent, Incapacitation, Reporting Options

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