Graduate School Student Council

The Graduate Student Council is the top policy-making body, which governs the functions and activities of the organization.

The graduate students at Howard University established the Graduate Student Council (GSC) in1967. All students duly registered in the Graduate School, pursuing degrees higher than the

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baccalaureate degree are members of the Graduate Student Council. 

The Purpose of the Graduate Student Council

  1. Represent the graduate students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with issues and/or concerns regarding internal and external matters,
  2. Represent graduate students’ interests before the Howard faculty and administration,
  3. Disseminate information of interest to students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
  4. Organize, promote, and conduct activities beneficial to graduate student life,
  5. Recommend graduate students for university committees.

Membership & Organization

GSC Membership

All graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Graduate Student Council. To become an active member, please attend two monthly meetings per semester, which will be announced on our group text messaging app (GroupMe) and Social Media.

Conference Sponsorship

GSC has sponsored several Graduate students who requested funds for conferences 

Event Co-Sponsorship

GSC is willing to work and co-sponsor events with other graduate organizations. 

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to contact us or attend our monthly meetings.

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Graduate Student Council
Graduate School, Howard University 
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