Ernest E. Just-Percy L. Julian Graduate Research Assistantship

This application is for the Ernest E. Just-Percy L. Julian Graduate Research Assistantships. The awardee of a Just-Julian Assistantship works with a faculty member, research scientist, administrator or team of such in support of research projects. Just-Julian Assistantships are highly competitive. All applicants must ensure they satisfy any additional departmental application requirements associated with a Just-Julian Assistantship.


The Just-Julian Assistantship is designed to give Ph.D. students an opportunity to gain experience in their respective academic field by working as a research assistant on a faculty member's or an administrator’s research project or on their own project under the close guidance of a faculty member.  This award is intended to assist in preparing graduate students to undertake their own future research endeavor(s) and also to provide an opportunity to secure supplemental financial assistance through grant funding and/or other external funding sources. 

Ph.D. students are appointed to the title Just-Julian Scholars and are selected on the basis of academic achievement, research interest/potential, and serve as a trainee under the direction and supervision of a faculty member who has an ongoing research enterprise. The Just-Julian Assistantship does not involve teaching.


Applicants must be a Ph.D. student in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher, and who are:

  • enrolled full-time
  • making good progress toward the degree (if a continuing student)
  • Must be endorsed by the dean of the faculty/research mentor of the respective school or college
  • must be sponsored by a faculty, research scientist, or administrator actively involved in research


Eligible applicants must complete an application.  The following items must accompany the application in order to be considered:

  • Submit an essay of at least 300 words that describes: (1) the significance of the research and what will be accomplished if awarded a Just-Julian Assistantship and, (2) how the accomplishment(s) of this research ties to the professional and personal goals of the applicant. Students proposing their own project must provide a research project description.
  • Provide (student) a Curriculum Vitae or Resume, including your research experience and other relevant experience
  • Current Transcripts (an unofficial transcription with be accepted)

Faculty Sponsors must submit: 1) a letter of endorsement; (2) curriculum vitae/resume that includes research and other relevant experience; and (3) a project description between 350- 500 words discussing:

  • the overall scope of the research and the student's role in the project
  • the academic and research experience the student will receive; and,
  • the amount and type of research supervision the student will receive.


The Ernest E. Just-Percy L. Julian Graduate Research Assistantship selection process is competitive.  An independent Graduate Faculty Review Committee, identified and appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, will evaluate each application submitted by the posted due date.  Selections will be based on the criteria listed above. Students and their faculty sponsors will be notified of selection decisions before the start of the new academic year.

Incomplete and/or late application packets will not be considered.  There will be no exceptions.


Electronically submitted applications, in a single PDF file, are accepted no later than 11:59 P.M.. EST on the 2nd Friday of February annually. This award is for the following academic year beginning in the fall semester. The Just-Julian Graduate Research Fellowship is non-renewable.

Faculty research mentors must include their supporting documents with the students’ application packet. Applications without the faculty mentor's supporting documentation will not be considered for funding. 


A Just-Julian Assistantship is a one-time award. Students who are awarded a Just-Julian Award are not automatically awarded additional assistantship support in subsequent years. The student must demonstrate that he or she has applied for external support when applying for other and available types of support from the Graduate School.


Just-Julian Graduate Research Assistant Position


To be considered for a Just-Julian Award at Howard University, please provide the following information:



Phone Number:

Current year in Graduate Program:

Field Concentration:

Subspecialty (if applies):


In addition to the 300-word essay, on a separate sheet, respond to the following questions:​

  1. Briefly describe your research interests:

  2. What sort(s) of prior research experience do you have?

  3. Why should you be selected for a Just-Julian Assistantship?

  4. Is there a faculty member at Howard University who could speak favorably about you and your academic or research prowess? If so, please provide the faculty member’s name, e-mail address and phone number. (Note: you should secure permission from this faculty member to be used as a reference before submitting this application).  Is this the faculty member that you would like to do research with?

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(Respective School/College of faculty/research mentor)​

Funding Type: Research Fellowship

Related Degrees: Ph.D.

SUBMIT APPLICATIONS TO: by 11:59 P.M. EST on Friday, February 09, 2024.


Deadline: Friday, February 9, 2024