School Psychology (Ph.D.) Program Details

Degree Requirements 

    ❱   Required coursework
    ❱   Qualifying or comprehensive examination
    ❱   Clinical Field Placements (Practicum & Internship)
    ❱   Graduate School writing proficiency requirement
    ❱   Graduate School Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirement
    ❱   Dissertation 
    ❱   Final oral examination/Dissertation defense

Research Areas & Interests

Faculty Research Interests

A sampling of research interests

  • Cross-cultural and developmental studies of at-risk children and adolescents, specifically children exposed to political unrest, family conflict and home, school and community violence
  • Identification of specific learning disabilities, cognitive assessment in children with chronic health conditions
  • Cross-cultural applications of cognitive assessment
  • Mental health interventions for children and adolescents
  • Influence of risk and resilience processes (i.e., school climate, social-emotional learning) on human development

Practicum and Internship Experiences

Year 1  Pre-Practicum

Pre-practicum experiences are designed to increase their understanding of, and exposure to, the roles and functions of school psychologists.

Year 2  Practicum in Assessment

Students spend one day per week in local elementary or middle schools and gain experience with various aspects of the assessment process.

Year 3  Practicum in Assessment and Intervention

Students spend two days a week in local elementary, middle, or high schools and gain assessment and case conceptualization skills and engage in direct and indirect intervention services.

Year 4  Practicum in School Psychology and Supervision

Students gain specialized knowledge and experience in the supervision of psychological services (students will provide supported supervision for junior-level graduate students).

Year 5  Internship

Students complete a full-time 9-12-month (or part-time 24-month) internship.

Program of Study* 

Fall Year 1 (15 CR)

HUDE 222  Introduction to School Psychology

HUDE 322  Individual Assessment of Cog Ability I

HUDE 201  Human Development (or Alt. Lifespan Dev.)

HUDE 605  Clinical Interviewing/Micro-Counseling

HUDE 300  Educational Research I

HUDE 447  Cultural Diversity in Psych Practice

Spring Year 1 (13 CR)

HUDE 432  Cog II: Culturally Competent Assessment

HUDE 516  Cognitive/Affective Basis of Behavior

HUDE 400  Intermediate Statistics

HUDE 446  Professional Ethics & Legal Issues in Psychology

HUDE 300  Educational Research I

Summer Year 1, Optional (3 CR)

HUDE 227  Personality and Social Psychology

Fall Year 2 (14 CR)

HUDE 421  Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis

HUDE xxx   Pediatric Psych/Elective

HUDE 455  Issues and Trends in Measurement Theory

HUDE 500  Advanced Statistics

HUDE 301  Educational Research II

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment

Spring Year 2 (14 CR)

SYC 211  Brain and Behavior

HUDE 429  Psychoeducational Assessment

HUDE 504  Advanced ABA: Clinical Research and Practice

HUDE 502  Multivariate Analysis

HUDE 301  Educational Research II

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment

Summer Year 2, Optional (2 CR)

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment

HUDE 300  Educational Research II

Fall Year 3 (14 CR)

HUDE 327  Developmental Psychopathology of Childhood

HUDE 529  Child Abuse & Neglect

HUDE 430  Consultation in School Psych

PSYC 222  Social Psych of the Individual

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment & Intervention

Spring Year 3 (14 CR)

HUDE 404  Psychodiagnostics: Soc-Emotional-Behavioral Assessment

HUDE 521  RtI and the Prevention of Academic Problems

HUDE 521  Theories and Methods of Mental Health Intervention and Prevention

HUDE 502  Design & Analysis of Research Projects

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment & Intervention

Summer Year 3, Optional (2 CR)

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology Assessment & Intervention

Fall Year 4 (15 CR)

HUDE 401  Evaluation Methodology

HUDE 444  Group Processes

HUDExxx  Counseling/Therapy Elective (Systems, Psychodynamic, or Cog-Behavioral Interventions)

PSYC 206  History & Systems in Psychology

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology and Supervision

Spring Year 4 (15 CR)

PSYC 288 or 271 Neuropsychological Assessment OR Psychopharmacology

EDUC 330  Seminar in School Psychology

PSYC 266  Psychology of Exceptional Children

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology and Supervision

Subspecialty Elective

Summer Year 4, Optional (6 CR)

HUDE 333  Practicum in School Psychology and Supervision

Subspecialty Elective

Fall Year 5 (2 CR)

HUDE 509 Dissertation Research

HUDE 519 Internship in School Psychology

Spring Year 5 (2 CR)

HUDE 509  Dissertation Research

HUDE 519  Internship in School Psychology

*Courses included in the sample program of study are subject to change. Students should consult with their programs regarding their required program of study. 

Admission to Candidacy

Students are admitted to formal candidacy by the Graduate School when they have completed the required coursework, passed the qualifying or comprehensive examination, submitted an approved topic for research, and been recommended by the Department. Candidates must have also satisfied the Graduate School writing proficiency requirement and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Workshop requirement. 

Graduate Funding

Admitted students may be eligible to compete for Graduate School competitive awards, which provide tuition remission and a stipend during the academic year. Additionally, graduate research or teaching assistantships may be available at the department level. Research assistants and teaching assistants work no more than 20 hours a week under the program's direction, usually in support of faculty research (research assistants) or in support of assigned courses (teaching assistants). Please see the Funding website for more detailed information.