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International Studies Graduate Certificate 

Organizations rely on leaders who understand the geopolitical and global policy impacts of their decisions. Deepen your cross-cultural competency and knowledge of global issues to advance your career in government, industry, and academia.

Howard’s Graduate Certificate in International Studies prepares students and working professionals across government, industry, and the private sector, with interdisciplinary training in the critical analysis of wide-ranging contemporary issues of global concern. Graduate courses are taught by internationally recognized practitioners in disciplines ranging from communications, culture, and media studies, and African studies to political science and foreign affairs. Students gain exposure to renowned speakers in foreign affairs and pursue in-depth examinations of international affairs issues within and outside of their chosen fields.

Deepen your global expertise 

Our 15-credit graduate certificate prepares students to contribute to various fields— in international business consulting, human rights advocacy, international law and development, and security policy while enhancing their cross-cultural competency. Students examine issues like soft power, international affairs and the color line, public diplomacy, relations between nation-states and supranational institutions, conflict and cooperation, and global health and the environment. 

Program Highlights

  • Five 3-credit courses, completed in as little as two semesters
  • Semester-long capstone project or internship with a public, private, or non-profit firm
  • Learn from faculty who are recognized leaders in international affairs and related fields
  • Learn from a globally diverse cohort of working professionals who bring unique experiences and expertise to the classroom
  • Design your own curriculum to either focus your studies on a particular policy area, or a regional issue, or take a broader view of international affairs 
  • Build an interdisciplinary understanding of the roles of sovereign states, international organizations, and their impact on governance and global systems

Ready to Apply?

Applicants not currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at Howard University must complete the external online GradCAS application. Currently enrolled Howard graduate students must complete the internal application form. Please visit this website for more detailed information about the graduate certificate, including admission requirements. 

   Career Opportunities

     Research analyst/associate
     Program officer
     Foreign service officer
     Foreign intelligence officer/analyst
     Political scientist
     Foreign affairs consultant 

   Related Degrees

     African Studies (MA, Ph.D.)
     Economics (MA, Ph.D.)
     History (MA, Ph.D.)
     Political Science (MA, Ph.D.)
     Sociology (MA, Ph.D.) 
     Communication, Culture, and Media
     Studies (Ph.D.)

   Get In Touch

      Dr. Kamla Deonauth
      Graduate Certificate in International
      Studies Program Director

Design Your Certificate 

Program of Study


INTL 501  Contemporary Issues in International Affairs

INTL 509 / GPFF 454  Political Diplomacy 


Students can select from two (3-credit) elective courses available in a wide range of programs at Howard including Communications, Culture, and Media Studies; African Studies; and Political Science, to name a few.


INTL 509  Capstone Internship
A mandatory capstone course in which the student must present a written paper and seminar presentation on the results of a research project or internship experience that integrates the knowledge gained in all prior courses. The internship must be with an agency that deals with international issues.  

Tuition & Fees 

Full-time students not enrolled in a Howard University graduate degree program but enrolled in the Graduate Certificate program pay the per-credit-hour rate for the academic year. The tuition rate per credit hour for the academic year 2023-2024 is noted on the following Cost of Attendance website.

There are no scholarships awarded for the tuition of a non-degree Graduate Certificate. Additionally, Title IV federal financial aid is not available for Graduate Certificate programs unless otherwise noted in writing. If a certificate program is not eligible for Federal Direct Loan funding, students may be able to borrow a private alternative loan with the lender of their choice to help alleviate costs associated with the certificate program.

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