Howard Bouchet Scholars

Howard Bouchet Scholars

Edward A. Bouchet Graduate Honor Society members from Howard University are preeminent scholars who are committed to the advancement of their field(s) of study and who advance diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in higher education. Howard Bouchet scholars are committed to improving the lives and conditions of the communities they serve. These members exemplify the highest values at Howard through their character, service, scholarship, leadership, and advocacy. Howard University inducted its first graduate student cohort in 2006. 

The 2022 members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society were inducted in April at Yale University. The class includes:

Meet the 2022 Scholars

Collis A. Brown | Pharmacology

Collis A. Brown

Collis A. Brown is a Ph.D. student in Pharmacology. Her research focuses on the neurodegenerative pathogenesis of Fragile X Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome (FXTAS) and the discovery of potential pharmacotherapy. FXTAS is a late-onset disorder, usually occurring after age 50, for which there are a currently no effective treatment options. Her research also explores health disparities in breast and prostate cancer. Collis has been recognized as TL1 Scholar in the Translation Biomedical Science (TBS)/Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) program, which seeks to prepare the next generation of leaders in the translation of basic science into improved outcomes for health, aging and disease.

Collis received her Bachelor of Science in biology and sports medicine from Howard University, where she was a recipient of the Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarship and the Pathways to Maternal and Child Health Professions Scholarship. Collis has served as a research assistant at Howard and as an intern with the National Cancer Institute at NIH (National Institutes of Health) where she participated in the investigation of the genetics of breast cancer, while gaining exposure to image analysis and immune-histochemical techniques used to evaluate HER2 status. Recently, she served as a lab mentor to several high school and undergraduate students. Collis aspires to enter the academy and train the next generation of clinical researchers, while focusing her research on the development of therapeutic options to tackle neurodegenerative diseases.

Tanya E. Gardner | Communication, Culture and Media Studies

Tanya E. Gardner

Tanya E. Gardner is a Ph.D. student in Communication, Culture, and Media Studies, with a focus on health communication. Her research addresses health disparities that impact historically underserved communities. Tanya's dissertation examines the role of African American pastors as trusted health messengers as well as their lived experiences and communication practices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tanya has also co-authored publications focused on COVID-19, student stress experiences, and public perceptions of the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter.

Tanya is a recipient of the 2021 Carolyn Stroman Graduate Student Award from the Minorities and Communication Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication and the Cathy Hughes School of Communications Board of Visitors Fellowship. She is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Delaware County Community College, where she received The Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Her volunteer work provides direct support in literacy and community-based projects and reflects her commitment to service, leadership, and advocacy. Tanya earned her Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from Temple University and her Master of Arts in human communication studies from Howard University. She aspires to work in public policy and focus on research that addresses issues impacting communities of color.

Majella Chube Hamilton | History

Majella Hamilton

Majella Chube Hamilton is a Ph.D. student in History focused on U.S. and public history. Her research focuses on the cultural identity and collective agency of the African American residents of Alabama following the Civil War, from Reconstruction through the early 20th century, when organized and institutional community networks laid fertile groundwork for the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. Majella serves as Executive Director of the Ballard House Project in Birmingham, Alabama. The project seeks to preserve the historic legacy of the Ballard House, as a cultural resource and gathering space celebrating the contributions of the city’s African American community, through research, exhibits, and dialogic engagement with the city’s residents and visitors.

At Howard, Majella has served as a graduate assistant in the Department of History and as a cultural resource intern with the National Park Service. Majella earned her Bachelor of Arts in communication from DePaul University with honors. Prior to Howard, she spent her career in journalism and strategic communications. For her professional and community contributions, Majella was elected by the Alabama Legislature to the Board of Trustees of the Alabama Department of Archives and History. She is a member of Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society, American Historical Association, Association for the Study of African American Life and History, and Association of African American Museums. Inspired by the belief that knowledge of the lived experiences of residents in any place can inspire current and future generations, Majella aspires to teach at the University level. 

Bryan M. Jenkins | Communication, Culture and Media Studies

Bryan Jenkins

Bryan M. Jenkins is a Ph.D. student in Communication, Culture, and Media Studies. His research explores how marginalized groups utilize digital space as a tool to educate and empower one another. His dissertation investigates Black podcasts as a critical educational tool for Black communities that continues the traditions of Black orality. Bryan has been recognized as an Ernest E. Just and Percy L. Julian Research Fellow through Howard University’s Graduate School. His research has been published in the Popular Culture Studies Journal and the Howard Journal of Communications. This research will also be featured in an upcoming special issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly.

Bryan is a recipient of the top paper award for the Human Communication & Technology Division for his research presentation at the National Communication Association. At Howard, Bryan has served as a teaching assistant, mentoring undergraduate students, and as graduate research assistant. Recently, he served as the inaugural Doctoral Fellow for the Traditional Arts DC program where he worked on projects that documented the importance of Black Washington, D.C. natives’ culture and art. He hopes to continue exploring the use of digital technology as a tool to help document the culture and history of marginalized communities.

Raina Rhoades | Biology

Raina Rhoades

Raina Rhoades is Ph.D. student in Biology, specializing in bioinformatics. Her research focuses on the effect of missense mutations on the MERS-CoV spike glycoprotein and in the development of long-term psychological symptoms associated with “long-covid.” Raina has also co-authored publications investigating the role of missense mutation in SARS-CoV-1 and SARS-CoV-2 glycoproteins. Her research activities have helped to hone her skills in bioprogramming, statistical analysis, and protein structure modeling.

Raina has been recognized as an Ernest E. Just and Percy L. Julian Research Fellow through Howard University’s Graduate School and has won competitive scholarships to participate in the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and University of Washington’s Summer institute in Statistical Genetics. Raina received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from Morgan State University and her Master of Science in neuroscience from Vanderbilt University. Raina enjoys teaching and sharing her love of science with students in and out of the classroom. At Howard, she has served as a teaching assistant and as a mentor to undergraduate students. As Raina moves forward in her career, she hopes to promote science literacy and to continue to mentor and inspire underrepresented students to pursue careers in science. 

Bouchet Society Inductees

2021 Inductees

The 2021 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Chynere Best, Ph.D., Psychology

William Kellon Bubb, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

Kenisha Ford, Ph.D., Physics

Emerald Jones, Ph.D., Sociology

Shannell Thomas, Ph.D., Sociology

2020 Inductees

The 2020 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

Richmond Danso, Ph.D., Political Science

Akiv Dawson, Ph.D., Sociology

Lourds Michelle Fernando, Ph.D., Biology

Jaimee Swift, Ph.D., Political Science

2019 Inductees

The 2019 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Adisa Vera Beatty, Ph.D., History

Amber Davis, Ph.D., Social Work

Ashley Lewis, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

DeAnna Nara, Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences

Morgan  Smalls, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

2018 Inductees

The 2018 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Kimberly Monroe, Ph.D., History

Tabia Pope, Ph.D., Communications Sciences & Disorders

Sulare Telford, Ph.D., Communications Sciences & Disorders

Sean Upshaw, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

Alisa  Valentin, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

2017 Inductees

The 2017 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Frances Adomako, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

Rogi Banks, Ph.D., School Psychology

Lindell Edwards, Ph.D., Educational Psychology

Jasmyn Ledford, Ph.D., School Psychology

Brandale Mills, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies 

Swetha Parvatheneni, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Komitige Hashanthi  Perera, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Denise Rpsier, Ph.D., Political Science

Shadya Sanders, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences

Perre L. Shelton, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

2016 Inductees

The 2016 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Lauren F. Booker, Ph.D., Psychology

Candice R. Hodge, Ph.D., Sociology

Tyriesa L. Howard, Ph.D., Social Work

Aida Jaldi, Ph.D., Physiology 

Julius G. Johnson, Ph.D., African Studies

Grace R. Mavodza, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Keadrick S. K. Peters, Ph.D., Sociology

Houra Taheri, Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences

Leticia D.  Williams, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

2015 Inductees

The 2015 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Danyelle T. Brown-Willis, Ph.D., Educational Psychology

Christopher Cross, Ph.D., Anatomy

Onochie Dieli, Ph.D., Economics

Monica Goldson, Ed.D., Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Zuleka Henderson, Ph.D., Social Work

Heather Key, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Denna Kowalek-Geppi, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies

Brianna P. Lemmons, Ph.D., Social Work

Vanessa Oyugi, Ph.D., African Studies

2014 Inductees

The 2014 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Kelechi C. Anyanwu, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

Maurice B. Fluitt, Ph.D., Genetics

Mamatha Garige, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Christina Nicole Johnson, Ph.D., Microbiology 

Tinita Ortega, Ph.D., Communication Sciences & Disorders

Shaina N. Reid, Ph.D., Anatomy

Tiphané Turpin, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Melvin L. Williams, Ph.D., Communication, Culture, & Media Studies 

2013 Inductees

The 2013 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Crystal M.  Adkisson, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Ashantie Alford, Ph.D., African Studies

Wallis C. Baxter, Ph.D., English

Aamira Chaney, Ph.D., African Studies

Belinda R. Hauser, Ph.D., Genetics

Devlon Jackson, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Malik D.  Lewis, Ph.D., Chemistry

Stella-Monica N. Mpande, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Reema Puri, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bethtrice Thompson, Ph.D., Biology

2012 Inductees

The 2012 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Luli Akinfiresoye, Ph.D., Pharmacology

Dondra Bailey, Ph.D., Biology

Dwayne Brown, Ph.D., Pharmacology

Jau-Yon Chen, Ph.D., African Studies

Valerie Cousins, Ph.D., Genetics

Ronya D. Foy, Ph.D., Social Work

Lydia Kakwera Levy, Ph.D., African Studies

Adrian Thompson, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Willie J. Thompson, Jr., Ph.D., Sociology

2011 Inductees

The 2011 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Luqman M. Abdullah, Ph.D., Political Science

Lisa K. Brown, Ph.D., Political Science

Daniel J. Broyld, Ph.D., History

Candice Crowell, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

Shinsuke Eguchi, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Altovise T. Ewing, Ph.D., Genetics

Zoeann Finzi-Smith, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology

VaNatta S.  Ford, Ph.D., Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication 

Alexa A.  Harris, Ph.D., Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication 

Jerome  R.  Hunt, Ph.D., Political Science

Shameka N. Johnson, Ph.D., Communication Sciences & Disorders

Mackenzie Jordan, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Christopher King, Ph.D., Chemistry

Deneen Long-White, Ph.D., Sociology

Otmar Mariama-Arthur, Ph.D., Political Science

Carlana Ramlochansingh, Ph.D., Pharmacology

Stephanie Stines, Ph.D., African Studies

Elizabeth Whittington, Ph.D., Rhetoric and Intercultural Communication 

Nichelle S. Williams, Ph.D., Political Science

Veronica Womack, Ph.D., Social Psychology

2010 Inductees

The 2010 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Imani Cheers, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Caleb Ashley, Ph.D., Mathematics

Philip Kurian, Ph.D., Physics

Wanjiku Gachugi, Ph.D., African Studies

Tamil Maldonado-Vega, Ph.D., Atmospheric Sciences

Sophia Nur, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

2009 Inductees

The 2009 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Koren Bedeau, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Wilma Benitez-Rivera, Ph.D., Communication Sciences & Disorders

Renee Forde, Ph.D., Biology

Altreisha Foster, Ph.D., Microbiology

Marcia Headley, Ph.D., History

Chazeman Jackson, Ph.D., Microbiology

Santresda Johnson, Ph.D., Neuropsychology

Neiunna Jones, Ph.D., Biology

Camonia Long, Ph.D., Sociology

April McLauchlin, Ph.D., Genetics

Deandre Pool, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Anyango Reggy, Ph.D., African Studies

Rhonda Smith, Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences

Temika Simmons, Ph.D., Educational Psychology

Steffan Spencer, Ph.D., History

Crystal Spinks, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

Yiesha Thompson, Ph.D., Political Science

Nayda Torres-Soto, Ph.D., Communication Sciences & Disorders

Noelle Trent, Ph.D., History

2008 Inductees

The 2008 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

L. Simone Byrd, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Atia Byll-Cataria, Ph.D., African Studies

Jerry Crawford, II, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Jamila Cupid, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Cerise Glenn, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Donise Johnson, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Ayanna Mogengege, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Nneka Mokwunye, Ph.D., Sociology

Cara Moyer, Ph.D., African Studies

Muslimah Najee-ullah, Ph.D., Anatomy

Obinna Obah, Ph.D., Electrical & Computer Engineering

Lisa Rawlings, Ph.D., Social Work

Nana Kweiba Sam, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Kellie Weiss, Ph.D., English 

Jonathan Wharton, Ph.D., Political Science

2007 Inductees

The 2007 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Enass Abdel-Hameed, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Majda Atich, Ph.D., English

Amy Belton, Ph.D., Biology

Pedro Lugo, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering

Kami Carey, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

Vernese Edgehill, Ph.D., Sociology

Victor Eno, Ph.D., Political Science

Janell Hill, Ph.D., Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Patrice Jackson, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sheba Kane, Ph.D., African Studies

Lawrence McNeil, Jr., Ph.D., Economics

Francis Mensah, Ph.D., Physics

Tia Tyree, Ph.D., Mass Communication & Media Studies

Ada Vilageliu-Diaz, Ph.D., English

Martin Yina, Ph.D., Communication & Culture

2006 Inductees

The 2006 cohort members of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society include:

Nicole Buie, Ph.D., Chemistry

Peng Hu, Ph.D., Economics

Tehani Finch, Ph.D., Physics

Marnel Niles, Ph.D., Organizational and Small Group Communication

Tabitha Smith, Ph.D., English