BGHS Membership Benefits

Bouchet Society Membership Benefits

Howard University BGHS members have access to  the following benefits:

Annual Conference at Yale University

The Annual Yale Bouchet Conference on Diversity and Graduate Education originates from the founding collaboration between Yale and Howard Universities.  Newly inducted Howard BGHS members attend the BGHS Induction Ceremony at the Annual Yale Bouchet Conference typically held in New Haven, CT in April. This annual conference is also an extraordinary opportunity for BGHS members to present their graduate work in an interdisciplinary setting and form connections with peers across disciplines and institutions in the U.S. Newly inducted BGHS members are eligible to receive a limited travel award to the annual Yale Bouchet conference held in New Haven, CT.

"Disciplines and Dialogue" Annual BGHS Forum

During the academic year, BGHS members will be invited to a "Disciplines and Dialogue" Annual Howard Bouchet Society Forum where they will hear from leading scholars and/or activists and learn more about an area of research relevant to a given "Disciplines and Dialogue" interdisciplinary topic.

Bouchet Community Connection Network

Current student and alumni BGHS members have access to Bouchet Connect, an interdisciplinary network that provides a major channel for information dissemination on mentorship opportunities, research, grants, postdoctoral and faculty positions, and other relevant professional development opportunities. This network also provides opportunities for scholars and practitioners to connect with their peers on issues of shared interest and fosters opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration on research, grant, postdoctoral, and other opportunities across the BGHS chapters.