Article XI. Commencement

Article XI. Commencement

Section 1.    Diplomas

Section 2.    Name on Diploma

Section 3.    Address Diploma is Sent To

Diplomas are mailed to the diploma address students provide to Howard University via BisonWeb.  Students are encouraged to review and update their address regularly in BisonWeb. The diploma will not be sent to an address other than your diploma address without written authorization from the student.

Section 4.    Translating the Diploma

To all to whom these letters come, greetings:

    The President and Trustees of Howard University upon the recommendation of the faculties have conferred upon ____________ the degree of _______________ and have granted (him-her) all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto. In testimony thereof the President, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and the Dean by virtue of the authority invested in them have affixed their signatures hereto, together with the seal of the University on the _____________ day of ___________in the year of _________ and in the _______________ year of the University.